Kelis Denies Rumors She is Dating Actor Bill Murray

by Xara Aziz
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Kelis has shut down a “swirl” of rumors that she in a relationship with actor Bill Murray.

In a recent Instagram post, a commenter made mention of the rumor that she was romantically linked to the Lost in Translation star, writing “Ma’am would you care to address these Bill Murray allegations?!? Cuz damn [sic]! What he doing with all that?”

In response, the 43-year-old songstress wrote, “Lol [sic] no babe, I wouldn’t bother at all.”

Reports began to circulate that the Milkshake star was dating Murray, 72, after there were seen together on multiple occasions throughout the month of June.

It was also noted that Murray had attended two London festivals where Kelis was scheduled to perform. On June 3, he was seen at the Mighty Hoopla Festival. A week before, he was at the jazz and soul festival Cross The Tracks.

In one photo that surfaced online, the two were seen in a photo with fellow musical artist Konny Kon from the rap group Children of Zeus.

Fans begun to draw up their own conclusions, with one person writing on Twitter that “This was NOT on my 2023 bingo card.”

Last year, Kelis’ husband Mike Mora died after a long battle with stomach cancer. He was 37.

The Harlem singer has three children: two with her late husband and one with ex-husband rapper Nas.

Murray has also been married twice. He wed Margaret Kelly in 1981 and divorced in 1996. He then married Jennifer Butler in 1997 and divorced in 2008. He has four sons, Caleb, Jackson, Cooper and Lincoln with Butler, who died in 2021.

After Kelis and Nas divorced, she described her marriage as physically and emotionally abusive and stated that the abuse inflicted on Rihanna from Chris Brown factored into to her decision to leave.

Nas took to Instagram to repudiate her claims of abuse, stating that she was slandering his name. He further accused her of abusing his oldest daughter Destiny.

“He doesn’t participate. He shows up when it’s fun, he shows up when there’s a good photo-op. I don’t think it should be 50/50 just because you had sperm involved,” she said in 2018.

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