Kentucky AG Files Motion to Keep Breonna Taylor Grand Juror from Speaking Publicly

by Yah Yah

Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron has filed a motion to request that the court dismiss an anonymous grand juror’s request to speak publicly about the grand jury proceedings in the Breonna Taylor case.

Questions have been raised around Cameron’s handling of the case after none of the three officers involved in Taylor’s killing were charged directly with her death. After an anonymous juror filed a motion requesting to speak publicly about the decision, Cameron admitted that he did not recommend that the jury indict any of the officers on homicide charges.

“As I’ve stated prior, I have no concerns with a grand juror sharing their thoughts or opinions about me and my office’s involvement in the matter involving the death of Ms. Breonna Taylor,” Cameron said in a statement on Wednesday. “However, I have concerns with a grand juror seeking to make anonymous and unlimited disclosures about the grand jury proceedings.”

“The grand jury process is secretive for a reason, to protect the safety and anonymity of all the grand jurors, witnesses, and innocent persons involved in the proceedings,” Cameron added. “Allowing this disclosure would irreversibly alter Kentucky’s legal system by making it difficult for prosecutors and the public to have confidence in the secrecy of the grand jury process going forward.”

On September 29, the anonymous alleged that Cameron used “the grand jurors as a shield to deflect accountability and responsibility for these decisions.” The filing asked the court to release a recording of the full grand jury actions and allow the grand jury members to speak about some parts of the case, including “details surrounding the actions outside of those recorded proceedings and anything that did NOT happen in the grand jury proceedings.”

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