Keyshia Ka’Oir Shuts Down Online Attacks On Gucci Mane Over Enchanting’s Death

by Grace Somes
Keyshia Ka'Oir, Gucci Mane and Enchanting || Image credit: @keyshiakaoir @luvenchanting

Keyshia Ka’Oir is defending her husband, Gucci Mane, as internet users continue to blame him for 1017 rapper Enchanting’s death.

Once more, tragedy has shaken the hip-hop community.

Former Gucci Mane artist Enchanting passed away at the age of just 26, having apparently overdosed on drugs and been put on life support.

Gucci Mane honored Enchanting on Instagram with a tribute and photo of the gifted musician.

“I’m so sad to have to say R.I.P. to such a great young lady, a true star. Chant, we will all miss you,” Gucci Mane captioned his post.

But what started out as a somber homage swiftly descended into harsh arguments as fans flooded the comment section. They questioned why so many musicians signed to Gucci’s label ended up dead or imprisoned.

Big Guwop’s admirers have been outspoken in their criticism, asking why he didn’t do more to support his former musician, Channing Nicole Larry. Some even pointed out a pattern of what they consider to be unethical actions involving his artists who, after signing with him, passed away or were sent to prison.

This didn’t sit well with Keyshia Ka’oir, Gucci Mane’s wife.

When Keyshia Ka’oir saw the remarks under Gucci Mane’s homage to the late rapper Enchanting, she didn’t hold back. Within an hour, she rushed to her husband’s defense and begged detractors to stop making him the victim.

“Leave my husband alone!” Keyshia responded. He signs these artists to help them and give them a better life! I wish it wasn’t like this! Chant, we love you, baby girl! RIH.”

Gucci Mane has had massive losses within the 1017 Records roster. The hip-hop entrepreneur has record numbers in the past 10 years when it comes to deaths, RICO cases, and overdoses.

Aside from Scarr’s demise, Gucci’s mainstay artists Pooh Shiesty, Foogiano, and Ralo are behind bars. His rookie rapper Mac Critter is also imprisoned due to murder charges, and Hoodrich Pablo Juan, a former signee, is involved in a RICO case.

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