L.A. Model Found Slain In Her Luxury Apartment Was Pregnant, Says Sister

by Gee NY

Maleesa Mooney, the Los Angeles model who was found slain in her luxury high-rise apartment on Sept.12, was two months pregnant at the time of her death, says her sister

Jourdin Pauline said her late sister was loving her life, enjoying working as a real estate agent in Beverly Hills in addition to her modelling gigs, and was looking forward to her next chapter as a mom.

“She was super excited and I know she really wanted a kid, and it’s something that she has always talked about,” she says, adding that her late sister’s boyfriend is “heartbroken”.

Days before Mooney was found dead in her downtown Los Angeles apartment, her family grew suspicious on Sept. 7 when Mooney didn’t return calls or texts.

Jourdin and her mother planned to meet with Mooney that weekend to help them move into a new home.

At one point, she says, it looked like her sister’s phone had turned back on.

“We’re like, ‘Okay, maybe she just broke her phone, it’s charged now,’ or something like that. It started to deliver, and then that gave us hope. We’re like, ‘Okay, she’s okay.’ And then, still nothing. No one was hearing from her,” Jourdin told journalists.

Jourdin says her mother got her daughter’s call records and phoned the last number she called. She says someone answered the phone and said someone had tried to sell her phone to them for $100.

Weeks after the devastating news, Mooney’s family is still searching for answers. Police say she died from homicidal violence but no arrests have been made and police are still investigating.

Mooney’s funeral is planned for Oct. 14. The family had to “hire a special person to come in and put her together as possibly good as they can, and we’re still going to have a closed casket because I don’t want anyone to see her in that type of condition,” says Jourdin. “I don’t want anybody to remember her like this, you know?”

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help Mooney’s family with funeral expenses.

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