Yolna Lubrin: Family Of 31-Year-Old Woman Found Hanging Says She Didn’t Take Her Own Life

by Gee NY

On Wednesday, Oct 4 2023, a press conference was held outside the Orlando Police Department headquarters to bring more attention to the death of Yolna “Yo-Yo” Lubrin, the woman who was found hanging from a tree in the backyard of a home last month.

Yolna “Yo-Yo” Lubrin was found dead on September 28 by Orlando police, in what has been ruled a case of suicide but the family isn’t convinced by the ruling. The family says she didn’t take her own life.

The 31-year-old woman’s family is calling on police to further investigate the findings of Lubrin’s death.

Alongside family advocate Miles Mulrain and Pastor Carl Soto — both who have been heavy advocates for a more extensive investigation — Lubrin’s sister, Naomi Lubrin, also spoke with reporters.

“Today we are calling out Chief Eric Smith, and we are urging him to have his department immediately rescind this allegation of suicide and thoroughly investigate all aspects of Mrs. Lubrin’s death,” Soto said.

There were quite a few overlooked details in the investigation the family claims, including Lubrin’s car, which was found “severely vandalized with all the doors open,” Soto said. The family is also alleging a sexual assault incident occurred before her death.

A GoFundMe campaign organized by Naomi Lubrin notes that her sister was found dead at a house where she didn’t live. “No search was applied inside the home because the Orlando Police Department stated they did not have probable cause to enter the home,” the campaign page reads.

One day prior to the press conference, family and supporters voiced their frustrations outside of Orlando City Hall about the questionable suicide of Lubrin.

An Orland Police Department spokesperson referenced witness statements that involved Lubrin’s mental health history, cellular records, physical injuries and the “ligature” marks on her neck “all point to suicide.”

Despite the statements, which were delivered just hours before the Tuesday (Oct. 3) rally, Naomi Lubrin said in a police statement, “I’m not sure where that’s coming from. This information is new to me.”

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