Meghan Markle Is Making A Comeback As An Influencer with Launch of New Brand, American Riviera Orchard

by Gee NY

Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, may be poised to make a comeback in the influencer scene following the launch of her new brand, American Riviera Orchard, according to a publicity expert.

On March 14, Meghan introduced her new brand with a stylish website and an accompanying Instagram account featuring a captivating black-and-white video.

Despite maintaining a quiet presence on social media in recent weeks, experts speculate that Meghan is gearing up to re-engage with her audience in the influencer realm.

Previously, Meghan ran the highly successful lifestyle blog, The Tig, for three years before shuttering it in 2017 upon her engagement to Prince Harry.

Courtney Haywood-Ford, a PR expert, commented on the potential resurgence of Meghan in the influencer space, telling UK-based Express that:

“It’s definitely something to keep an eye on. Her verified account and sizable following suggest that there’s potential for her to re-enter the influencer scene.”

Haywood-Ford noted Meghan’s innate sense of fashion and style, which has been evident since before her marriage to Prince Harry.

However, Meghan has previously expressed concerns about the negative aspects of social media. Haywood-Ford acknowledged that Meghan’s return to the influencer world might raise eyebrows, but suggested that people’s views can evolve over time.

She emphasized the importance of maintaining transparency, authenticity, and fostering meaningful connections with followers, echoing Meghan’s approach with The Tig.

As fans await Meghan’s potential return to the influencer scene, they may anticipate genuine and relatable content that resonates with them, reminiscent of Meghan’s previous work with The Tig.

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