Michelle Obama Celebrates Beyoncé’s ‘Break My Soul’: ‘You’ve Done It Again’

by Shine My Crown Staff

Beyoncé dropped her new single, “Break my Soul” this week, a House-inspired track that set the tone for the summer.

We’ve seen Bey successfully hop across genres, and her new up-tempo cut has none other than former First Lady Michelle Obama hitting the dancefloor.

“Queen @Beyonce, you’ve done it again!” Obama tweeted.” ‘Break My Soul’ is the song we all need right now, and I can’t help but dance and sing along while listening to it. Can’t wait for the album!”

The single is an ode to walking away from a job that is making your life miserable.

“I just fell in love and I just quit my job/ I’m gonna find new drive, damn they work me so damn hard,” the Houston queen sings.

“Imma let down my hair/ ‘Cause I lost my mind/ Bey is back and I’m sleeping real good at night/ The queens in the front and the doms in the back/ Ain’t takin’ no flicks but the whole clique snapped.”

If this track doesn’t help bring us out of our post-pandemic funk…nothing will.

The single is the first single off of her upcoming “Renaissance” album–dropping July 29.

This is not the first time Obama has publicly praised the singer.

In 2019, Obama, enthralled with Bey’s “Homecoming” documentary, posted a video on social media.

“Hey queen! Girl, you have done it again, constantly raising the bar for us all and doing it flawlessly. I’d say I’m surprised, but I know who you are. I’ve seen it up close and personal,” she said in the clip.

Obama added that the nuance of “Homecoming” “is informed by the Black leaders, thinkers, and poets who have paved the way for folks like us,” adding that she hoped it would “inspire the next generation of history makers… who’ll run the world in the years ahead.”

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