Missing Atlanta Woman Leaves Family in Fear After Mysterious Disappearance

by Xara Aziz
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The family of an Atlanta woman has been left stunned and devastated after what was supposed to be a routine drive home led to her disappearance.

In surveillance video obtained by local news station WSB-TV, Yolanda Brown, 53, is seen leaving Irish Bred Pub, a local bar in the Atlanta suburb of Covington during the early hours of Saturday morning. She is then seen entering her vehicle with an unidentified man. The two talk for two hours before the man exits her car, enters into his SUV and follows her out of the bar’s parking lot. It is the last time anyone saw her and her family suspects someone is behind her disappearance.

“There is a suspect, I believe…someone who followed her home,” her son, Joshua Doughty, told WSB-TV. “She drives a 2020 Impala. We haven’t seen the car. We can’t find the car.”

Brown’s sons recall going through her phone records and were able to retrieve the phone number of the man identified in the footage. According to Doughty, the man said he followed his mother back to her home, but lost sight of her on the way there.

“He said he lost her on the expressway. I don’t really believe none of that,” Doughty said.

On Tuesday, local authorities arrived at the scene where Brown was last seen to review the surveillance video. Investigations are currently underway with help from the Georgia Bureau of Investigations.

“She always wants to be someone’s friend, and I am 100% convinced that her friend-making is what led to her being missing right now,” said Mickie Nutall, Brown’s sister.

Brown was last seen driving a black Chevy Impala with Georgia plates CUQ 6437.

The Newton County Sheriff’s Office and the Georgia Bureau of Investigations ask anyone with information to contact 678-625-1400.

Stay up to date with all the latest on this case on WSB-TV.

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