Two Friends Left Speechless after Nas Surprises Them During Girls Trip in Turks and Caicos

by Xara Aziz
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Social media influencer Kiara Moore and her BFF finally took that long-needed girls trip and ended up having dinner with rap icon, Nas.

While vacationing in Turks and Caicos, Moore posted a video on TikTok of her friend being served cake during her birthday dinner. While singing happy birthday, Nas, who was seated at a table near them, raised a glass and made a toast. Moments later, he approached their table and had drinks with the ladies.  

“I love you,” he said to the ladies, to which they responded, “awww thanks.” The video has since been viewed over half a million times. And the comments are hilarious, indeed.

“See, God knows not to put me in the situation 😂,” one woman commented.

“Nas and Drake stay in Turks and in someone’s dinner flicks 😩 Lord when’s my turn?? 😂😂😂” wrote another.

Part of Nas’ generosity stems from happiness, as he explained in an exclusive interview with i-D Magazine earlier this year.

“I’m trying not to feel bad about being happy, the N.Y State of Mind rapper said. “The world will try to steal that from you, or make you feel bad or wrong to have a good day. There’s so much I want to help, and when you get to a place where you can help you want to do more.

He continued: “Sometimes I want to feel like it’s okay to go on vacation. Or it’s okay to party. And trust me, I fight through it because I am happy. But I can’t be happy until everybody’s happy. That’s how I feel sometimes. Maybe I internalize other people’s pain too much?”

This isn’t the first time a rapper surprised fans in Turks and Caicos. Earlier this year, Drake surprised a fan with a $10,000 gift for his birthday.

Ladies, you know what this means, right? Next stop: Turks and Caicos!

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