Mo’Nique Posts Pic to Support ‘No Bonnets at the Airport’ Opinion: ‘If This Is Not Your Best, Do Better’

by Shine My Crown Staff

Mo’Nique is not giving up on her campaign for Black women to ditch their bonnets at the airport.

Over the weekend, Mo’Nique posted an example of the women she has been putting on blast. In the picture, a woman is standing with her back to the camera, wearing a bonnet and what appears to be a pajama short set.

“Hey BEAUTIFUL QUEENS. 🥰 NO SHAMING. If this is the BEST YOU CAN DO NO JUDGMENT DO YOU,” she wrote. “This was sent to me as an example of what we’re talking about that goes on in our community. However if this is not your BEST, than do BETTER! Being that ultimately the decision either way is yours. I LOVE US 4REAL”

Fans felt Mo’Nique posting the pic was inappropriate.

Mo’Nique sparked controversy when she posted a video addressing Black women who dress down for the airport by wearing bonnets.

“I’ve been seeing it not just at the airport. I’ve been seeing it at the store, at the mall… When did we lose our pride in representing ourselves? When did we slip away of let me make sure I’m presentable when I leave my home?” she said in the video.

“All I’m saying is could you please comb your hair?,” Mo added. “I’m not saying you don’t have pride but the representation that you’re showing someone will have to ask you to know if you have it. It’s not to get a man … it is just your representation of you, my sweet babies.”

Comedian Tiffany Haddish was added to the backlash after agreeing with Mo’Nique’s stance:

“You spend all this money for an airplane ticket, you might as well get dressed up because you never know. I was always taught to make sure your drawers are clean, and you look decent, especially when you’re moving and traveling around because if something happens to you when they got to cut your clothes off, you want to be decent. It’s about respecting yourself,” she told Hello Beautiful.

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