Mysterious Murder of Cleveland Woman, 22, Leaves Community Stunned and Police in Search for Leads

by Xara Aziz
Family of Tamasha Ussery

Cleveland police have confirmed that a 22-year-old woman was brutally murdered just before sunrise Sunday morning.

According to East Cleveland Police, officers were called to investigate a report of Tamasha Ussery, who was found fatally shot. When East Cleveland EMS arrived at the scene, they found the victim unresponsive.

“She was a beautiful person that’s why it’s so hurtful,” said Dylan Thomas, Ussery’s partner with whom he shares a child, told Cleveland 19.

He further added that he cannot wrap his head around why someone would want to kill the mother of his 2-year-old daughter.

“That’s the big question here, she’s a good person,” said Thomas. “She’s not like an aggressive or violent person. She’s a loving person.”

Ussery’s mother-in-law, Coco Veal, said that when she arrived at the scene of the incident, witnesses explained to her what led to the murder.  

“They heard an argument, really fast and then they heard a pop, they all said when they heard the pop, they rushed to the windows, downstairs and out the door to rush to her rescue,” Veal said. “At the time, they saw the young ladies that were with her sitting on her, trying to stop the bleeding and yelling for someone to call police and EMS.”

Just hours before Ussery died, Thomas said he had just spoken to her and had no idea it would be the last time he would talk to her, adding that she was destined for greatness.

“She went to school. She finished for a dentist assistant,” Thomas said. “She went back for CNA, she was somebody.”

“Shooting for the stars in every aspect, everyday she set a goal and I watched her knock these goals down,” Veal added.

Investigators are asking that anyone with information leading to the arrest of the suspect contact East Cleveland detectives at 216-681-2162. Tips can also be left anonymously with Crime Stoppers at 216-252-7563.

“If the information you provide leads to the arrest and or conviction of those responsible, you could be eligible for up to a $5,000 reward,” according to Cleveland 19.

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