Lori Harvey Reacts to Being Linked with Popular Atlanta Rapper

by Xara Aziz
Instagram @loriharvey

Lori Harvey isn’t allowing the blogs to take digs at her relations with others.

Rumors have begun to swirl that she is dating Quavo from the rap group Migos after they were spotted leaving the Bungalows in West Hollywood.

When news hit the streets, the 26-year-old Tennessee native took to TikTok to address the rumors.

“Lmao no I was having lunch with my besties who are right behind me,” she wrote under the post Wednesday.

The video was posted by a user named Alexandria Danielle who posted the photos of them two leaving the venue separately.

“I love that for her,” the user wrote. “Keep doing your thing, I am here for this.”

But after Harvey commented on the post, she wrote: “Lori!! I made a comment that this was fake news!! It’s all love, you are the moment.”

Meanwhile, others began to chime in to support Harvey’s comment.

“Yes let them know sis,” one user wrote. 

“Clear it right on up,” wrote another.

The socialite appears to still be riding high following the high-profile breakup last year between her and Creed actor Michael B. Jordan. Within months of the split, she confirmed that she was dating Snowfall actor Damson Idris, although some believed the two broke up after what they thought was a short fling.

Instagram @loriharvey

Harvey was quick to shut down the rumors, though. In April, she posted pictures of her vacationing with her new boo in Turks and Caicos.

“Dump pt. 1” and “dump pt. 2” she captioned the series of photos, which shows her lounging beachside near blue waters while wearing a Christian Dior bathing suit. In one pic, Idris is seen with his arm wrapped around her neck while she snaps a selfie of them both looking in a mirror.

Newsweek also confirmed the rumors weren’t true after speaking with Idris’ publicist who stated that news of the couple breaking up was “completely false.”

“Damson and Lori are still going strong and very much together as a couple,” the publicist said. 

Both parties haven’t spoken much about their relationship, although the latter told Complex in a recent interview that they both were doing “great.”

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