Naomi Campbell on #EndSARS Protests: ‘This is Like Modern Day Genocide’

by Shine My Crown Staff
Screenshot from Naomi Campbell YouTube channel: Naomi

Supermodel Naomi Campbell has once again addressed the ongoing #EndSARS protest, addressing the recent shootings of peaceful protesters at the Nigerian army’s hands.

“The UN, UNESCO, Amnesty International, please step in and help. Do not let this happen. The youths are our future, they are our next generation of leaders and this is heartbreaking,” an emotional Campbell says in the video.

“Now we have in Nigeria, innocent people that are being killed and they want to get on the television and say that no one was killed? We have cameras, we have proof, we can see with our eyes. If this is the only way that we can get the truth out there then we will do all we can to do so. Innocent people are being killed in Nigeria for just singing the national anthem and peacefully protesting.”

Posts shared on social media appear to show soldiers firing at the protesters who had gathered in the wealthy Lekki district of Nigeria’s largest city. The government says they did not adhere to the curfew set.

“Lives are being taken, this is like modern-day genocide and we should not shut up about it until there is a change. There needs to be a change and we need to be the ones to help make the change; so, stand up Nigeria, stand up Congo, stand up Sudan, stand up South Africa. Africa is an incredible and beautiful continent and we are not to be ignored, we are to be treated fairly,” she said.

Campbell says she’s trying to organize a visa so that she can head to Africa.

“I know I am sitting here and I am not there but if I could be there I would be. I am waiting for my visa to get cleared because I have no problem to go to the African continent because it is a continent that I love but I know that there needs to be a change; we all know.”

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