Nia Long to Voice ‘Winter Santiaga’ in ‘The Coldest Winter Ever’ Sequel Audiobook

by Shine My Crown Staff

Nia Long has been tapped to voice Winter Santiaga in Sister Souljah’s upcoming audiobook — the sequel to her fan-favorite novel, The Coldest Winter.

The upcoming book is titled “Life After Death.”

“Nia has the love, the look, and the soul of the culture in her,” Sister Souljah told TSR. “My men and my women who purchase the audiobook will forever have a piece of Nia and the story of Winter to listen to in their most intimate spaces, moments and places.”

And judging from the book’s description, readers will be in for a treat:

“Fans fell in love with the unforgettable Winter Santiaga, daughter of a prominent Brooklyn drug-dealing family, who captivated her lovers, friends, and enemies with her sexy street smarts,” the synopsis reads. “For two decades, fans have begged for answers about what happened to Winter. With her jail sentence coming to a close, Winter is ready to step back into the spotlight and reclaim her throne.”

While we are excited for the book (and the audiobook), we cannot wait for the inevitable movie or series that is sure to follow.

“The Coldest Winter Ever” was first released more than two decades ago but still remains a staple for Black readers.

“Sincerity is missing from our movement,” Sister Souljah told EBONY back in 2016. “The genuine love that once connected Black people together can not be felt, at least not by me. Our lives certainly matter. At the same time, in order for us to win in any real way, we will have to straighten ourselves.”

“Life After Death” arrives March 2, 2021.

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