Tessica Brown: ‘I’m Not Gorilla Glue Girl’

by Shine My Crown Staff
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Tessica Brown made headlines when she uploaded a video to her social media, which showed her using industrial strength Gorilla Glue in her hair as a replacement to her regular hair spray.

Since then, Brown has found herself at the center of jokes and memes online — but she wants people to know that she is not “Gorilla Glue girl,” she is a mother with feelings.

“I never was going to take this to social media. The reason I took this to social media was because I didn’t know what else to do,” Brown told Entertainment Tonight. “And I know somebody out there could have told me something. I didn’t think for one second when I got up the next morning it was gonna be everywhere.”

Via her social media, Brown revealed that her hair had been stuck in the same style for a month after substituting Got2b Glued spray with the industrial-strength glue. “My hair, it don’t move. You hear what I’m telling you? It don’t move,” she said in the original video posted to TikTok.

Sadly, since posting, Brown says the attention has been overwhelmingly negative — and now even her daughter doesn’t want her to do her hair.

“[The news] put up a picture of me being bald, which wasn’t me. [My daughter] had to deal with that yesterday. The teachers are talking about it,” she shared. “My little girl, she don’t want me to do her hair no more. I told her, ‘Let me do your hair.’ She said, ‘You’re not doing my hair.’ But I’m thinking she’s joking and playing, but she didn’t let me do it.”

On Thursday morning, it was revealed that Brown had undergone surgery to remove the adhesive from her hair. But for many, she is still “Gorilla Glue girl,” and she wants it to stop.

“My name is Tessica,” Brown asserted. “Every time somebody puts up something on social media, that’s it, my inbox is flooded. Don’t worry about this thing. Yeah, y’all can say that. This is what my momma keeps telling me, ‘Stop reading the comments.’ But I can’t help myself. I go read them, and they’re still sending me clips of what happened…It’s way, way, way, too much.”

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