Nicci Gilbert Rips ‘P-Valley’ Writers for Allegedly Stealing Her Idea: ‘You Have to Do the Work’

by Yah Yah
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The second season of “P-Valley” premiered on STARZ this month, and Nicci Gilbert maintains that the idea for the show was stolen from her.

Gilbert also says that the season two writers are clueless about which direction to take the show.

“‘Re-imagining’ Soul Kitten Cabaret doesn’t make you a writer or dope creator, it makes you a dope journalist with a wild imagination and financial backing. The cast is super talented and I hope they aren’t underutilized in effort to cover up your infringement,” Gilbert writes.

In January, the singer filed a lawsuit against Lionsgate Entertainment and Starz, accusing them of copyright infringement.

She alleges too many similarities between the show and her 2011 musical stage play, “Soul Kittens Cabaret.”

Four years after her play hit the stage, Katori Hall released a play titled “P—sy Valley.” The series is based on Hall’s book.

The Starz show premiered July 12, 2020, and begins with an unnamed woman (Elarica Johnson) fleeing her hometown destroyed by a flood. After ending up in Chucalissa, she wins the one-night Booty Bucket competition at The Pynk the asks for a permanent job.

In a video posted to her Instagram account, Gilbert delivered a blistering review of the show:

“I have seen the reviews, the real review not the ones that are bot generated or that they paid for. The real reviews, from the real people, from the real fans of the show, are saying the show wasn’t giving what’s supposed to be gave.”

She continued, “I feel like some of the incredibly talented people like the Mercedes character and Uncle Clifford were underutilized. I feel like there’s going to be this pivot in effort to fool the people into believing that you actually are a real writer.”

Brandee Evans, Nicco Annan, Shannon Thornton, Elarica Johnson and Skyler Joy also star in the show.

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