Diamond White: Voice Of Character In Marvel’s ‘Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur’ Celebrates Representation Of Dark-Skinned And Coily-Haired Girls

by Gee NY

In the realm of animated storytelling, representation has often been scarce for Black girls, with stereotypes and a lack of fully-formed characters prevailing.

Diamond White, known for her role in Disney Channel’s “The Proud Family,” felt this void until the arrival of Disney and Marvel’s animated series, “Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur.”

White voices the character Lunella, a 13-year-old supergenius superhero, and she shares her excitement about finally seeing representation for dark-skinned, coily-haired girls like herself.

The series, created by Laurence Fishburne, has garnered significant attention and earned accolades, including five Children’s & Family Emmy wins in its debut season.

White, who has made her mark in Hollywood through various roles and achievements, sees her role as Lunella as a groundbreaking opportunity.

The character’s authentic representation, both in physical features and emotional experiences, resonates deeply with White, who feels a personal connection with the character’s impulsive nature and emotional decision-making. As the first Black 13-year-old Marvel/Disney superhero, Lunella represents a significant step forward in inclusive storytelling.

Notably, White had the chance to contribute her insights to the character, bringing her personal experiences as a young Black girl to the production.

This collaboration resulted in an episode titled “Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow,” addressing the topic of Black hair, where Lunella gets her first perm. White’s involvement extends beyond her voice acting, showcasing her commitment to bringing authenticity to the character.

Looking ahead to the second season of “Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur,” White anticipates exploring new facets of Lunella’s life, including her relationships, encounters with different villains, and the development of her connection with the Beyonder.

The show continues to break new ground in animated storytelling, and White is excited about the potential impact it can have on young viewers searching for representation.

As the animated series progresses, White remains dedicated to providing representation for young Black girls and other communities.

The passion of the entire team, including producers, directors, and executive producers, including Laurence Fishburne, reflects their genuine commitment to the show and its positive message. White believes that by staying true to their passion and dedication, the series can continue to make a positive impact and pave the way for more seasons.

The second season of “Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur” premiered on Disney Channel and Disney XD on Feb 2 at 8 p.m. ET, following the success of the first season, which is now available for streaming on Disney+.

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