Natasha S. Alford Explores Identity And Belonging In New Memoir ‘American Negra’

by Gee NY
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Natasha S. Alford, Vice President of Digital Content at TheGrio, has embarked on a profound journey of self-discovery through her newly released memoir, American Negra.

This memoir delves deep into Alford’s personal narrative, grappling with the complexities of her Afro-Latina identity and its intersection with Black American heritage.

In her role as a journalist and now author, Alford has embraced multiple facets of her identity — mother, partner, scholar, producer — all of which have informed her perspective in crafting American Negra.

The memoir challenges societal misconceptions about people of color and underscores their integral role in shaping America’s story and economy.

“I wrote this book for every person,” Alford expressed in an interview with Black Enterprise, explaining her desire to make her narrative accessible and relatable to a wide audience. “I didn’t want people to pick it up and feel like it was too academic or somehow above their understanding.”

Central to American Negra is Alford’s exploration of Blackness and Afro-Latina identity, highlighting the shared African heritage that unites people of diverse backgrounds.

“We all come from Africa, so I wanted to center Blackness,” Alford explained, aiming to celebrate and affirm the multifaceted nature of Black identity.

Her journey in writing the memoir led her to delve into her family roots, uncovering connections in Florida and South Carolina that deepened her understanding of her place within society.

Alford hopes her memoir will spark conversations across communities, encouraging readers to explore their own family histories and recognize their contributions to the broader American narrative.

Drawing from her background in journalism, Alford employed a genealogist to unearth these familial connections, which served as a foundational element of American Negra.

“I can’t separate my Blackness from who I am,” she affirmed, acknowledging the profound influence of her African American father and Puerto Rican mother on her identity.

Beyond personal reflection, Alford views her memoir as a testament to achieving the American dream through investment in Black institutions like TheGrio.

“This is a story of actually achieving the American dream by investing in Black media and the Black community,” she noted, reflecting on her career trajectory and the significance of representation in media.

American Negra not only serves as a coming-of-age narrative but also as a poignant exploration of race, culture, and ethnicity in contemporary America.

Alford’s memoir underscores the importance of embracing one’s roots and celebrating the shared experiences within the Black community, offering a powerful testament to resilience and identity.

As readers engage with American Negra, Natasha S. Alford hopes to inspire a deeper understanding of identity and belonging, encouraging individuals to celebrate their heritage and contribute positively to societal conversations about race and culture.

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