Nicki Minaj Shares Video Of Rival Stan Hiding Physical Copies Of Her Pink Friday 2 Album [Video]

by Grace Somes
Nicki Minaj || Image credit: @nickiminaj

The rapper is obviously unhappy by a video of someone who doesn’t like and doesn’t want her to win, hiding her CDs so people won’t see and buy them.

On Thursday, the Queens rapper acknowledged a video on Twitter by someone who decided to hide physical copies of Nicki’s new album Pink Friday 2 behind other CDs on the shelves.

In the footage, someone is standing in front of the music aisle in a store. The person starts hiding copies of Nicki Minaj’s new Pink Friday 2 album behind other CDs and records. 

It is apparent from the video that this action was an attempt to conceal their presence from any customers who would want to pick up the LP. 

The clip was captioned, “No physical sales for you @nickminaj.”

Nicki Minaj’s fifth studio album is her first full-length release of new material since 2018’s “Queen.”

Nicki’s fifth studio album debuted atop the Billboard 200 and sold 228,000 album-equivalent units in its first week.

Pink Friday 2’s, serving as the sequel to the rapper’s 2010 debut album, dominant opening on the chart gave her the biggest sales week for any album released by a female rapper so far in this decade.

Nicki actually reposted the video on her X and tagged Billboard in her repost.

The Barbz flooded the post to express their dismay at the ‘lowball’ move to bring their Queen down. 

“Damn Nicki really the only female rapper on store shelves  #Flourishing” one fan wrote. 

Another added a solid argument, “Fun Fact: Hiding vinyl and CDs from shelves prompts stores to see there is demand (even if through assumptions of loss/theft) prompting them to order more. Thanks, y’all!!!!”

What would make someone try to sabotage Nicki’s physical sales? 

P.S. Stats don’t lie though.

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