Niecy Nash-Betts Delivers Emotional Speech At Emmys Acknowledging Black And Brown Women After Her Historic Win

by Gee NY

Actress Niecy Nash-Betts made history at this year’s Emmys when she was awarded for outstanding supporting actress in a limited or anthology series or movie for her role as Glenda Cleveland in “Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story.”

Her electrifying acceptance speech resonated with gratitude, self-affirmation, and a powerful call for justice.

“I’m a winner, baby!” Nash-Betts declared as she took the stage to accept the award presented by Marla Gibbs and Quinta Brunson.

The audience erupted in applause as Nash-Betts, who portrayed the real-life neighbor to serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, expressed her thanks and delivered an impactful message.

She began by expressing gratitude to the “Most High” for the divine moment and acknowledging the visionary Ryan Murphy for seeing her talent. She conveyed her love to Evan Peters and Netflix, along with appreciation for everyone who voted for her.

Nash-Betts also thanked her “better half” for providing support during challenging times.

In a moment of self-empowerment, she took a bold step and thanked herself:

“I want to thank me—for believing in me and doing what they said I could not do. And I want to say to myself in front of all you beautiful people, ‘Go on girl with your bad self. You did that.'”

The highlight of her speech came when Nash-Betts dedicated the award to every Black and brown woman who has been unheard and overpoliced, mentioning names like Glenda Cleveland, Sandra Bland, and Breonna Taylor.

She then acknowledged her role as an artist to speak truth to power, vowing to continue doing so.

In a post-ceremony interview, Nash-Betts expressed the significance of the win:

“I feel like I am fully seen by my peers, you know what I mean? And to receive this award from Quinta and Marla Gibbs, I’m telling you something, my head is about to pop off.”

Her win not only celebrated her outstanding performance but also served as a poignant moment recognizing the resilience and strength of Black and brown women.

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