Paige Imani and Rick Ross Rekindle Romance After a Decade Apart, Tattoos His Name On Her Neck

by Grace Somes
Paige Imani || Image credit: @soyeaaa_

Cristina Mackey’s replacement, Paige Imani, has stayed on the scene since she began dating Rick Ross in 2014.

Cristina Mackey announced their breakup less than two months ago, and it looks like Rick Ross has been seeing at least two women

Paige Imani, who was most recently seen with him, appeared to have Rozay’s name tattooed on her body

A source claims that Paige and Rick Ross have enjoyed each other’s company for a significant period. You know that situation where you go through years of ups and downs? After ten years, that is what they still have.

Miami resident Paige Imani shared glimpses of her and the boss enjoying the sunny weather on her Instagram Story on Tuesday, April 23, and Wednesday, April 24. 

While on a yacht with Rick Ross, Paige took a selfie wearing two chains: one that said her name and the other, which was three times larger and said, “Rozay.”

She also shared a close-up shot of her neck; she has the name “William” tattooed in small caps. Her caption on the post says, “Him: Bae, let me take this view right here.” 

For the record, William Leonard Roberts II is Rick Ross’s legal name. 

In one of the videos, the model also posted a video of them sharing shots while toasting. Another footage showed Rick Ross dancing a few feet away. Paige Imani captioned the video encouraging her “bae” to bust a little dance move, saying, “We be having so much fun.”

Paige Iman also shared more ideas from their time on his private jet. 

After a little digging from the team, we uncovered that Paige posted a photo of a bouquet of flowers with a card with the signature of “Boss” on February 24. Just around the same time, Cristina Mackey was doing interviews about finding love with Rozay… Ooopsie!

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