Queen Bey Reigns In Wealth: Beyoncé’s Net Worth Soars To $800 Million

by Grace Somes
Beyoncé || Image credit: @beyonce

Following her record-setting Renaissance tour, Queen B is almost a billionaire!

According to a report from Forbes published on Wednesday, December 12, 2023, Beyoncé is currently worth an estimated $800 million. 

The outlet reported that her net worth exploded by $300 million this year.

The news comes after the release of Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé, which grabbed the top spot at the box office its opening weekend, hauling in a whopping $21 million. 

Earlier this year, Queen Bey ranked No. 48 on Forbes’ list of richest self-made women in America. In June, the singer featured an estimated worth of $540 million in the financial magazine’s annual ranking.

According to Forbes, the boost in the singer’s wealth mainly came from Beyoncé’s 2023 earnings, specifically the estimated $579 million in revenue she drew from the Renaissance tour, making it one of the highest-ever grossing tours.  

 The Renaissance tour ran from May to October in 39 cities and 17 countries.

Forbes estimated the rest of the financial soar came from adjusting their previous estimate of her music catalog and art collection. The remainder of her net worth comes from combining personal assets she shares with her husband, Jay-Z, and business holdings in her Parkwood Entertainment company.

 Beyoncé took to Instagram to thank her fans for their support after the release of her film last week, noting that she was “overwhelmed” by the “outpouring of love from my Hive.”

“I pray I continue to make something that lifts all of y’all up the way you continue to lift me up. While I’m often critical and feel my art is never finished, the pendulum swings,” Queen Bey added. 

Fun fact: Beyoncé reportedly made over $3 million for her appearance at 2018 Coachella. Her set lasted 105 minutes, earning about $28,571.43 per minute

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