After Landing A $100,000 Deal, Detroit Voltage’s Deana Neely Is Now Leading A Major Clean Energy Program

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Deana Neely, founder of Detroit Voltage, speaks during the CEO Summit of the Americas hosted by the US Chamber of Commerce in Los Angeles, California, US, on Thursday, June 9, 2022. President Biden announced what he called the "Americas Partnership for Economic Prosperity" as he opened the summit yesterday, a series of non-binding agreements that he said would help the Western Hemisphere's nations rebound more quickly from the pandemic and share in US growth. Photographer: Kyle Grillot/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Not long ago, Deana Neely, the founder of Detroit Voltage, grabbed headlines when she finalized a significant contract worth $100,000 with DTE Energy.

She is again making news as a prominent figure in Detroit’s green energy sector, leading the charge for diversity and sustainability in electrical contracting services.

Initially hesitant to reveal her identity as a Black woman in a predominantly homogenous industry, Neely’s participation in a Google accelerator program marked a turning point. Now, she proudly represents her company, Detroit Voltage, as it addresses the critical need for diversity in the construction sector.

Elevate, a Chicago-based non-profit, recognized Neely’s leadership potential and appointed her to lead its Detroit Clean Energy Contractor Accelerator Program.

With Detroit’s population being nearly 80% Black, Elevate aims to build a network of contractors that reflect the community they serve, and Neely embodies this vision.

Reflecting on the explosive growth of Detroit Voltage since its inception in 2016, Neely shared her journey with Planet Detroit.

“After I got that first contract, my phone literally never stopped ringing,” she told Forbes.

Within six months, the company generated over six figures in revenue, establishing itself as a go-to electrical contractor in the city.

The National Association of Black Women in Construction recognized Neely’s achievements, noting the expansion of her company to Houston and its recognition by Forbes as one of the Next 1000 companies in 2021.

Neely’s commitment to empowering women in the construction industry led to the development of a program and forthcoming book guiding women through the process of launching a construction company.

In a significant milestone, Detroit Voltage secured a six-figure deal with DTE Energy in March 2023, granting the company a city contract to install electric charging stations for electric vehicles in Detroit.

Neely attributes the success of Detroit Voltage to its strategic positioning in supporting renewable energy projects and electric vehicle infrastructure.

Neely’s dedication to environmental responsibility has not gone unnoticed. She serves as a mentor in the Great Lakes Women’s Council MentorWe Program, where she imparts her insights and growth strategies to aspiring female entrepreneurs. Additionally, she is in the final stages of writing a book to teach women how to seamlessly launch a construction business.

Through her remarkable journey, Deana Neely epitomizes resilience and determination, transforming adversity into success while driving Detroit’s green energy sector forward.

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