‘RHOP’s Candiace Dillard Slammed for ‘Body-shaming’ New Mom, Ashley Darby

by Shine My Crown Staff

“Real Housewives of Potomac” star Candiace Dillard is under fire from viewers after she appeared to repeatedly body-shame and mom-shame Ashley Darby — weeks after she had given birth to her second child.

During Sunday’s episode of the Bravo reality series, Gizelle Bryant asked Ashley about her conversation with Dr. Wendy Osefo and her husband’s alleged cheating allegations.

“I do need to ask Ashley: did you add hot sauce?” Gizelle asked in front of all of the ladies.

“I swear to goodness, I said very clearly, ‘I don’t want you to perceive this the wrong way. So I’m just asking, Are you and Eddie reinvigorating your sex life?'” Ashley responded.

“That’s a fair question,” Gizelle replied.

But Robyn’s friend Askale Davis said — “No, that question is basically assuming that the blogs are true.”

The camera then panned to Candiace’s confessional, where she said, “This filthy milkmaid. You drove four hours to ruin my trip. This is why I don’t deal with her.”

“As I’ve said, when I want to be messy. I’ll admit to doing the churning — did not,” Ashley further claimed to the group.

“Oh, absolutely, then who did?” Candiace said.

“You called me a hoe,” Ashley then recalled from their confrontation on the trip.

“I believe I did,” Candiace replied.

“Really and that’s appropriate?” she asked Candiace.

Yes, yes it was,” Candiace said . adding, “because I felt like saying it.”

Candiace went even further.

“You brought your wide-bodied a— down to Williamsburg to spread lies and bulls—t and then you took off with your breast milk,” Candiace continued.

“So I’m wide now?” Ashley responded. “Y’all want to talk about body shaming right?”

“I’m not body shaming you,” Candiace said. “You walking into a room, you body shame yourself with your big a— face and your big a— forehead.”

Here’s how Twitter reacted to Candiace’s remarks:

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