‘RHOP’s Dr. Wendy Osefo Explains Mia Thornton Drama

by Shine My Crown Staff
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“Real Housewives of Potomac” viewers were surprised to see Dr. Wensy Osefo and new cat member Mia Thorton exchanged barbs on Twitter recently.

But Dr. Wendy says that the friction with Mia was a misunderstanding of sorts.

“Me and Gizelle got into a big argument right before Mia walked in, right before anyone walked in,” she told Bravo’s The Daily Dish podcast.

She says she became annoyed when Mia interjected.

“And Gizelle had confronted me because she didn’t like the way that I told Robyn [Dixon] at my Nude Interlude not to jump in when Gizelle and Karen [Huger] were talking. So once that happened, my energy was completely off. And so you guys see me making a face, I was like squirming, and I was like ready to leave because there was a whole, big confrontation that happened and then Mia walks in.”

Dr. Wendy says that because Mia is new, she did not understand that she was reacting to the episode which recently aired.

“So what happens a lot of times for new people is that they may not understand the dynamics at play. And what happened was an episode was airing, and we tweet to narrate to the viewers what’s happening. I think she thought my tweet was reflective of how I feel now versus me narrating to people through the current episode that we’re on. And I think that’s where we missed each other. And she’s new,” Dr. Wendy explained.

Mia has admitted that she met her husband at a strip club. Dr. Wendy then accused Mia of being a stripper — and Mia seemingly admitted to a stripper past unashamedly.

She says that she and Mia moved on from the drama and that they are in a much better space these days — but we will have to wait for those episodes to air.

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