RHOP’s Gizelle Bryant Reveals Where She First Heard the Eddie Osefo Cheating Rumors

by Shine My Crown Staff
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“Real Housewives of Potomac” star Gizelle Bryant catches a lot of heat for spreading rumors that Dr. Wendy Osefo’s husband, Eddie Osefo, had cheated on her.

In a recent interview, Gizelle revealed where she first caught wind of the salacious rumors.

“There were Eddie rumors on social media, and typically if things are out there, we talk about it,” she told E! News. “In Potomac, we talk about it. We don’t hide anything.”

The pair get into a heated discussion in the season trailer, but Gizelle is standing by what she says.

“I would be curious to see how the season plays out and how Wendy feels about the season as she views it. I want Wendy to be a viewer this season, because I think she was thinking a lot of things happened that didn’t,” she tells the publication.

The EveryHue beauty adds that while she has no beef with Dr. Wendy, she feels that the professor is not really feeling her these days.

“This is like Potomac back to basics,” she explained. “This is the season where you guys remember why you fell in love with us because we’re shady, we’re funny, we’re boss businesswomen, but we know how to bring the drama.”

On Mother’s Day, Eddie shared a post on Instagram addressing the rumors that he’d fathered a child outside of the marriage.

“Happy Mother’s Day to my beautiful wife [Dr. Wendy Osefo]. It wouldn’t be your day without them; The mother of my ONLY 3 babies [Karter, Kruz, and Kamrynn]!” he wrote. “Thank you for blessing me with my little chocolate drops. The haters will always hate (misery loves company), but one thing is for certain, men lie, women lie, blogs lie, but numbers don’t! 10 years and counting with our forever love. I’m so proud to be your husband and even prouder of the mother and role model you are to our children.”

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