New Initiative Aims to Free Black Women, Caregivers And Trans Women Unable to Afford Bail

by Gee NY
Stock image of one female prisoner in prison visiting room. Image Credit: Getty Images.

The 7th annual Black Mama’s Bail Out (BMBO) initiative is in full swing ahead of Mother’s Day, led by the Philadelphia Community Bail Fund.

In a bid to reunite families and address the disproportionate impact of the cash bail system on marginalized communities, the Philadelphia Community Bail Fund is spearheading the 7th annual Black Mama’s Bail Out (BMBO) initiative.

This initiative specifically targets Black pregnant individuals, mothers, caregivers, and transgender individuals who are incarcerated due to an inability to afford bail.

To raise $175,000 for this year’s bail out, BMBO has already received a significant boost with a $75,000 grant from the National Bail Out.

According to a report published by NBC Philadelphia on April 26, partnering with People’s Paper Co-op, BMBO is also leveraging the power of art to support their cause. Original artwork created by an international group of artists, inspired by the words and stories of formerly incarcerated women, is being sold on criminal record paper.

All proceeds from the sales contribute to the bail out efforts. However, this year marks the final opportunity to purchase prints, shirts, and posters from the project, as People’s Paper Co-op will be closing after a decade of women-led advocacy.

The Philadelphia Community Bail Fund, behind BMBO, has a broader mission beyond simply bailing out individuals.

Their ultimate aim is to end cash bail and pretrial incarceration. Until this systemic change is realized, they continue to advocate for and support their neighbors by posting bail for those in need.

Cash bail is known to disproportionately affect marginalized communities, including Black, Brown, and Native populations. Statistics show that individuals held pretrial are four times more likely to be sentenced to prison, while those held on bail are nine times more likely to plead guilty.

The BMBO initiative seeks to address these disparities and challenge the inequities within the criminal justice system.

The initiative reflects the importance of community-led efforts in advocating for systemic change and promoting justice for all individuals, regardless of their socioeconomic status or background.

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