‘RHOP’s Robyn Dixon Calls Out Dr. Wendy Osefo’s Relationship Shade: ‘You’re Literally Saying That Single Women Aren’t Worthy’

by Shine My Crown Staff

“Real Housewives of Potomac” star Robyn Dixon encountered some friction with castmate Dr. Wendy Osefo this season.

Dr. Wendy was upset with Robyn and her best friend, Gizelle Bryant, for spreading rumors about her husband Eddie Osefo’s alleged affair. While the ladies insisted that they were only concerned for her, Dr. Wendy threw shade at Robyn’s rekindled relationship with her former husband, Juan Dixon.

Dr. Wendy also mocked the fact that Gizelle is a single woman.

“I’ve never said one bad thing about her husband, her relationship,” Robyn told Entertainment Tonight. “I never talked about that [Eddie Osefo cheating] rumor. What I expressed at that time was, ‘I can’t believe they’re doing this.’ And so for her to just take everything that I said and make it seem like I was coming from a bad place, that for me was more hurtful than her talking about my [relationship].”

Robyn added, “You’re literally saying that single women aren’t worthy, they’re worthless or they’re, ‘Oh, poor single women!'”

In the upcoming reunion, Robyn said that she was unable to repair her friendship with Dr. Wendy.

“I don’t feel good about where we are,” she told the outlet. “I was actually expecting to go into the reunion and come out with some resolution… I didn’t go into the reunion with anger and being tense and being rude. I went in with an open mind, an open heart. I wasn’t trying to be confrontational. I wasn’t trying to argue. I just wanted to talk stuff out.”

Robyn says that Dr. Wendy simply refused to listen: “On these shows you kind of get to a point where people can reflect and look back and say, ‘Well, maybe I was a little too defensive…’ or, ‘Maybe I attacked a little too quickly…’ or maybe, ‘I didn’t give you a fair chance…’ and none of that happened,” she explained.

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