Rick Ross’ Girlfriend Cristina Mackey Explains Why She’s A ‘Pick-Me’ – “I Wanna Marry That Man”

by Grace Somes
Cristina Mackey and Rick Ross || Image credit: @cristinamackey @richforever

Cristina Mackey had embraced the “PickMeisha” label wholeheartedly, saying that people are just manifesting good things for her.

The fitness influencer shared why she’s proud to be a “pick-me” woman during dating.

Cristina Mackey became unpopular with the fans after throwing shade at his previous relationships, especially the one the rapper had with Pretty Vee.

She went live on Instagram with an “I’M A PICK ME” declaration, addressing all trollers who called her a “pick-me.”

“I prefer it. All you’re doing is manifesting that up for me. I want to get picked,” Mackey began her affirmation anthem.


To note, the term “pick-me” is traditionally used in a derogatory sense to refer to women who actively seek male approval and validation.

Cristina Mackey continued her Instagram Live by expressing her desires. She disclosed that she always wanted to be chosen by Rick Ross repeatedly.

“Over and over and over and over again. By the same man a million times. I wanna marry that man. I wanna have that man’s children. I want to live a happy life because he keeps picking me and I keep picking him. I’m a pick-me. For sure. I’m not whatever the opposite of that would be,” she said in the clip.

“I am a lover. I am here to be loved. I’m a pick-me. If I’m a pick-me. He’s a pick-me and we getting chosen together,” she added.

Mackey’s acceptance of the term has stirred a whirlwind of trolling and criticism on social media.

Some fans reminded the fitness model of the rapper’s numerous baby mamas.

Another social media user pointed out that Mackey isn’t familiar with Rick Ross’s background because he’s had 10 girlfriends and one fiancee in a year before.

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