Trump RICO Defendant And Former Celebrity Publicist Faces Potential Legal Trouble Over IG Remarks

by Gee NY

Trevian Kutti, a former celebrity publicist and co-defendant in the RICO case involving Donald Trump, may face legal repercussions after making controversial statements on an Instagram Live video.

According to a report by MSNBC, in the video, Kutti is seen discussing conspiracy theories and making veiled references that some believe point to Ruby Freeman, a former Georgia election worker falsely accused of election fraud by Donald Trump and his allies.

Kutti, who was previously the publicist for rapper Kanye West, is not as reserved about her pending RICO indictment as some of her co-defendants who have opted for plea deals.

During the Instagram Live session, Kutti alluded to a woman who she claims knows the allegations against her are false and suggested that she will negatively impact this person’s life.

Although Freeman’s name was not explicitly mentioned, legal experts assert that the implications may have violated Kutti’s bond agreement, which prohibits public commentary on the case and threats to witnesses.

Attorney Steve Greenberg, representing Kutti, disputes any wrongdoing on his client’s part, arguing that individuals on bond have the right to comment on their cases.

Greenberg stated:

“She didn’t threaten anybody. She said that she didn’t do anything wrong, which is a fact.”

Kutti’s Instagram Live discussion didn’t solely focus on her own legal troubles. She delved into conspiracy theories surrounding the alleged assault on Nancy Pelosi’s husband, suggesting that Vice President Kamala Harris possesses incriminating evidence.

Kutti went on to claim that Pelosi might face harm and that Harris could be implicated, with the blame placed on a white supremacist.

Furthermore, Kutti expressed skepticism about California Governor Gavin Newsom’s political strategies, suggesting that he might secure the Democratic nomination and Black voter support by exploiting Harris’s demise, potentially blaming it on a white supremacist.

The controversial remarks made by Kutti raise concerns about their impact on her legal standing and the potential consequences of discussing ongoing legal matters publicly. Legal experts continue to monitor the situation as it unfolds.

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