Rih-lease The Music! Did Rihanna Drop R9 Hints at Fenty Hair Launch?

by Grace Somes
Rihanna || Image credit: @fentyhair

At the Fenty Hair launch event in Los Angeles, Rihanna appeared to give away a significant spoiler about her highly anticipated album, “R9,” which has the music industry in a frenzy.

The pop icon and business mogul, who has kept fans on the edge of their seats for new music, might have just given the most significant clue yet about her upcoming project, adding to the mounting excitement.

For fans of Rihanna, the anticipation for her ninth studio album is palpable. Her music, like ‘Diamonds,’ has touched the hearts of millions, and she continues to shine in the fashion industry.

Since the release of “Anti” in 2016, fans have been waiting for Rihanna to release a new full-length album. The thirty-six-year-old singer has referenced “R9” in the last eight years.

In a recent interview with Interview Magazine, Rihanna revealed she has “a lot of visual ideas” but hasn’t found the right music to accompany them. This could be the reason the album has yet to arrive.

Rihanna threw a party last night in Los Angeles in anticipation of the June 13th launch. During the event, Rihanna made a playful yet tantalizing comment that sent fans into a frenzy while talking about her latest Fenty Hair products.


At the product launch in Los Angeles on Monday, the 36-year-old mother of two looked stunning in a top-to-bottom red ensemble. The color scheme combined different textures, complementing her soft, natural curls. Despite being expertly cut and colored a warm caramel blonde, there was something about the style’s simplicity that exuded class, elegance, and freshness at the same time.

The Grammy-winning musician also laughed about the process of making the eagerly anticipated new album while expressing her excitement for the new hairline.

 “This is probably the longest I’ve ever taken to create something,” she told attendees. “No, I lied, that’s R9,” Rihanna added. 


In 2017, Rihanna founded her own cosmetics company, Fenty Beauty. In 2020, she launched her skincare line, Fenty Skin, and in 2019, the lingerie brand Savage X Fenty.

Fenty Hair is the newest addition and will debut on June 13th.

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