Megan Thee Stallion Reveals She’ll Drop A Tequila Brand Very Soon: ‘I Create The Things That I Want To See”

by Gee NY

Megan Thee Stallion, the Grammy-winning rapper and cultural icon, is expanding her empire beyond music.

During a panel discussion at AdWeek for #SMW, the artist hinted at an exciting new venture: her very own tequila brand.

In her characteristic confident style, Megan shared her creative process and entrepreneurial mindset.

“I create the things that I want to see,” she declared. “I don’t create things for other people to like them. I create the music I want to hear. I go and do my own thing and stay true to me.”

The announcement of her tequila brand adds to Megan’s already impressive portfolio.

Alongside her music career, she revealed plans for a new album and an upcoming Hot Girl Summer tour.

The tour, spanning 32 shows across North America and Europe from May through July, has already generated significant buzz, with multiple shows selling out in advance.

For Megan Thee Stallion, this expansion into the spirits industry represents s business opportunity and a manifestation of her personal vision and commitment to authenticity.

Go Girl!

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