Riley Curry is Following Her Dad’s Footsteps – But Not in the Way You May Think

by Xara Aziz
YouTube via ESPN

The firstborn to NBA icon Stephen Curry is following in her father’s footsteps – but it’s not basketball that has piqued her interest.

For the first time, Curry, 35, is opening up about his oldest child, Riley Curry, who he said has naturally gravitated towards athleticism.  

“I’ve introduced pretty much every sport, for the most part, to all of them,” Curry told People. “And Riley, she’s super into volleyball right now, and a light bulb went off, actually this year, where she’s excited to go to practice and dribbling or passing the ball around the house and all that type of stuff. So she’s found something she loves, and she’s passionate about it, and she loves to work at it.”

Curry is riding high as he awaits the release of his Apple+ documentary Stephen Curry: Underrated, and says being a father has been the best blessing. He did admit that his two younger children are “all over the place,” but he’s certain they will find their calling as Riley has. Curry shares three children with his wife Ayesha Curry, 34. Their middle child, Ryan is seven and their youngest is Canon, 4.

“It hasn’t really revealed itself what those one or two things might be,” he said of his two younger children’s interests. “So we’ll see. There’s still [young], so we got a lot of time to figure that out.”

To see Riley growing up to be a volleyball athlete is “cool,” he said.

“To see that light bulb go off and that level of focus, that you see a little bit of yourself in,” he said. “And trying to encourage that as much as possible.”

Meanwhile, Ayesha says she’s so proud of her husband and children, stating that she tries “to be as authentic as possible in terms of sharing with the world who we are.”

“It’s sometimes chaotic when you’re moving through the public eye, if you will, and trying to block out some of the crazy noise that comes your way,” Curry said. “But for the most part, [we’re] very supportive of what each other is doing and our respective careers and how we balance both of those with being present parents and juggling the responsibility of being there for all three of our beautiful kids.”

He continued: “And just even the acknowledgement of how crazy and different life is than when we first started dating back in 2008. So learning life together has been amazing, and inspiring each other to keep the energy around what we’re doing, that we can balance it all, if that’s even the word for it.”

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