Rising Tennis Star Leylah Fernandez Named Youth Athletes United’s First Brand Ambassador

by Shine My Crown Staff

In 2021, Leylah Fernandez’s ascent to tennis stardom was capped off by her incredible run at the U.S. Open.

Her success had tennis fans happily embracing the young phenom while new fans quickly took to her big smile, warm personality and ferocious play.

Some other fans were watching as well, including Young Athletes United.

And after that thrilling finals match against Emma Raducanu, they knew they had found the one. Their own Neo.

Today, Young Athletes United announced that Fernandez, 19, was their new, and first, brand ambassador, a role she was thrilled to accept.

“It’s a big honor for me,” Fernandez told me in our interview. “It’s motivation. I’ve always had that dream of helping kids and this is a great step forward.”

Leyla took a great step forward in her tennis career last year.

In March she won the Monteray Open by defeating Viktorija Golubic, 6–1, 6–4.

In August she made her memorable run through the U.S. Open before falling to Emma Raducanu in their exciting finals match.

For her efforts, Fernandez was named the 2021 Canadian Press Athlete of the Year.

That’s the type of athlete you want to associate with.

But to be a brand ambassador and face of a company, you must be more than an athlete. You must represent the ideals and values of that organization.

After speaking with Leylah, you understand why she was the perfect fit for Young Athletes United.

“It’s what she represents,” Adam Geisler, CEO of Youth Athletes United, told me. “She wants the opportunity and doesn’t shy away from it. Instead, she runs towards it.”

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