Sexyy Red Sets Stage Ablaze With Twerk-tastic Moves At Zach Bryan’s Country Concert!

by Grace Somes
Sexyy Red || Image credit: @sexxyred

The audience went crazy after Sexyy Red joined Country artist Zach Bryan onstage in St. Louis.

Sexxy, known for her collaborations with Chief Keef, Drake, and Nicki Minaj, recently made a daring move by stepping outside her comfort zone and delivering a stunning performance with Zach Bryan.  

While on tour, Zach Bryan has released brand-new music and invited special guests like Bruce Springsteen and Kacey Musgraves. Bryan performed from his 2020 album Elisabeth as an encore at the Enterprise Center in St. Louis. 

Sexyy Red joined the country music icon last night for a performance in her hometown of St. Louis, Missouri

Naturally, she performed signature dances for the ecstatic audience, including twerking during “Revival.”

In the footage, Sexyy Red, whose hometown is St. Louis, ran on stage to twerk for the big finale. The rapper wore jeans shorts, a white and red varsity jacket, and her signature bright red tresses.

And while Bryan performed “Revival,” she immediately got down to business twerking in front of the crowd of white people. At one point, Sexyy Red dropped into a full split, kept twerking, and then kept shaking that thangggg with her hands on her knees.

Later, Sexyy Red Fashion thanked the country music icon for bringing her out to his performance, photos, and her cameo, which featured her twerking for the crowd. 

“When you from the hood but you got a country friend @zachlanebryan,” the “Rich Baby Daddy” rapper wrote on X.   

In fact, Bryan billed the town as “HOME OF @sexyyred” in a social media post with the rapper.

People were left perplexed when the video of Sexyy Red twerking for an unexpected audience appeared on social media.

Even though the moment was somewhat unexpected, the fans are enjoying it. Some even believe that Sexyy Red should give country music a shot now. 

After all, Beyoncé, Lil Nas X, and other celebrities have found success with crossovers. 

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