Successful Businesswoman Shaken After She Was Carjacked By Thugs In Broad Daylight In Front Of A Bank

by Gee NY

A prominent Cincinnati businesswoman, Simone Charles, experienced a shocking incident when she was carjacked by thugs outside the Bank of America in Cincinnati.

Despite the violent and traumatic event that unfolded near Hyde Park Plaza Kroger, Charles remained unharmed physically.

Like a scene from a movie, the incident occurred when Charles parked her vehicle at the bank on Paxton Avenue in Oakley, only to have another vehicle block her in.

A passenger from the blocking vehicle swiftly exited and seized control of Charles’ car. In their haste to escape, the carjackers collided with the vehicle they arrived in before making a quick getaway.

Charles not only lost her car but also her purse containing essential belongings like her wallet, keys to her other vehicle, and house keys.

Despite the loss, she promptly called 911 to report the incident to the police.

As a well-known Cincinnati entrepreneur, Charles owns businesses such as the Confetti Room and Social B. and Company Hospitality Group.

Recently recognized in the Who’s Who in Black Cincinnati, Charles expressed gratitude that the situation wasn’t worse.

She told WLWT5 reporters that she is particularly grateful that her children were not present during the incident.

Reflecting on the positive aspects, Charles said:

“Just being thankful and grateful for the fact that it could have been worse, that I was not hurt, that I decided to step back, and even more grateful for the fact that my kids were not in their car seat.”

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