Sheryl Lee Ralph Calls For Prayers Amid Hurricane Beryl’s Arrival Before Son’s Jamaican Wedding

by Grace Somes
Sheryl Lee Ralph || Image credit: @thesherylleeralph

Unfortunately, Hurricane Beryl’s passage through the Caribbean coincides with Sheryl Lee Ralph’s son, Etienne’s, wedding in Jamaica this weekend.

As Jamaicans prepare for Hurricane Beryl’s arrival, Sheryl Lee Ralph asks her followers to pray. The Abbott Elementary star took to X early Wednesday morning to provide an update on the island’s weather, where her family is preparing for her son Etienne Maurice’s wedding on July 6.

While preparing for the hurricane’s arrival in Jamaica, Ralph stated that she believes the storm will arrive “much sooner” than anticipated.

The deadly Hurricane Beryl has been tearing through the southeast Caribbean and is currently making landfall in Jamaica. BBC News reports that at least seven people have already been killed in the path of the hurricane over Grenada, Venezuela, and St Vincent and the Grenadines.

According to the National Hurricane Centre, the Category 4 storm was expected to land around midday on July 3.

The Emmy-winning actress, who is staying on the Caribbean island for her son Etienne Maurice’s wedding this weekend, has continued to post weather updates on social media.

“Now it’s starting. I’m not going to go all the way out there, but it’s happening now,” she said in a video Wednesday. “We are praying for safety for everybody and stay off the roads, stay inside, ’cause I’m going all the way back inside now.”

A day earlier, the Abbott Elementary star provided additional updates on the island’s weather before the storm approached.

“From the looks of the sky, it looks like Beryl is gonna be here much sooner than the news keeps saying,” Ralph added in a video. “So it’s very calm here in Jamaica; the sky is so beautifully clear. And they said that the sea looked like glass today. … We have to take in all of the outside furniture because, you know, those things take flight.

“I hope you’ve put oil in your lamp and are taking extra care,” she continued. “So to everybody that’s here on the island, we remember that [Hurricane] Gilbert was a three, and Beryl is a four. Wow. God bless you, goodnight.”

The US National Hurricane Centre director states that the “major hurricane” core will pass over or near southern Jamaica, bringing a “life-threatening” storm surge.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness has asked Jamaicans to “take this hurricane seriously.”

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