Stacey Abrams Calls Out ‘Voter Suppression’ During Early Voting

by Shine My Crown Staff
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Voting rights activist Stacey Abrams, a former Georgia state representative, is calling out voter suppression, accusing officials of deliberately trying to make voting difficult.

“There have been battles being waged across the country, including in Georgia, about who has access to in-person early voting,” Abrams told World News Tonight. “But we know across the country [that] early voting is going to become the next front in the war against voters.”

Abrams’s Fair Fight organization is leading the charge in the fight against voter suppression, working hard to educate voters about the elections and their rights.

Abrams started her organization to promote fair elections in Georgia after losing the 2018 gubernatorial race to Brian Kemp. But many feel the election was stolen from Abrams, as Georgia residents claimed they were prevented from voting, or conditions to vote were near impossible.

Georgia residents have flocked to social media to complain of long lines to cast their votes early. Some queuing for as long as 6 hours, a suspected ploy to discourage citizens from voting.

“Voting is true power. It is how everything else we want either becomes real or is ignored. In a democracy, the power of citizens to speak aloud what they need is the most fundamental power we have,” Abrams told Elle last month.

“What pains me so often is that we dismiss our power because we don’t see it in evidence, like the beginning of a superhero movie before they realize how to use their power. I need us to get to the second act where we figured it out and we’re using it because we are in this moment of change, where we have a common vision for what needs to be. Now we just have to believe that voting is our power to get it done.”

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