Former Attorney Marilyn Mosby Faces Up To 40 Years In Prison, Now There Is A Public Appeal For President Biden To Pardon Her

by Gee NY

The public appeal for President Biden to pardon former Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby, facing up to 40 years in prison, has gained significant traction, amassing over 2,700 signatures thus far.

The petition to pardon the Black female attorney has the backing of prominent figures such as renowned civil rights lawyer Ben Crump and E. Faye Williams of the National Congress of Black Women.

Supporters of Mosby argue that the Department of Justice’s pursuit of her on fraud charges is disproportionate, especially considering her track record of advocating for change in communities of color.

They contend that the focus should be on addressing pressing issues like the Tulsa Race Massacre, diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts, and hate crimes, rather than targeting progressive figures like Mosby.

During her tenure as Baltimore City State’s Attorney, Mosby was convicted by a federal jury for making a false mortgage application related to the purchase of a condominium in Long Boat Key, Florida.

Prosecutors allege that she misrepresented receiving a $5,000 gift from her husband to secure a lower interest rate.

However, Mosby’s supporters argue that the charges against her are unjust, particularly when compared to the DOJ’s handling of cases involving more significant financial discrepancies.

Her supporters also point to her achievements as a prosecutor, including innovative programs for nonviolent drug offenders and youth prevention initiatives, underscoring her positive impact on the community.

Critics of the prosecution, including those behind the petition, question the motives of federal prosecutor Leo Wise, alleging a history of profiling and targeting Black elected officials.

They suggest that Mosby’s confrontation with the former President Trump over potential federal agent deployments following George Floyd’s murder may have triggered the federal investigation against her.

“I stand with over 50 attorneys in urging President Biden to pardon former Baltimore City Attorney Marilyn Mosby — who is facing up to 40 years in federal prison. The persecution of Black female progressive prosecutors is indicative of a disturbing trend that should have ended with the last administration. @POTUS, put an end to this modern-day witch hunt and immediately pardon Marilyn Mosby!” Attorney Ben Crump wrote on Instagram on Wednesday, May 15.

The petition invokes the president’s constitutional authority to grant pardons, urging President Biden to address perceived injustices, particularly those stemming from the previous administration’s DOJ.

As of now, there has been no response from the White House regarding the petition.

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