Stunna Girl Drops Bombshell: Accuses Zeus CEO Lemuel Plummer Of Sleeping With Cast And Giving Them STDs

by Grace Somes
Stunna Girl and Lemuel Plummer || Image credit: @stunna @lemuelplummer

The Baddies East star is coming after her former boss, swift and hard, after leaving the show due to her feelings of being underpaid. 

Stunna Girl is standing on her word – and receipts- that the Zeus Network is taking advantage of young girls on the show. She claimed that the cast members don’t get paid for all the fighting and drama on the show. 

“I posted my contract. I got my bag. I told y’all I was the highest paid. I posted my contract. I got my bag… Post how much you’re getting because anything you b*tches are getting is for free. They are not paying for BBL’s teeth. They are not paying for that sh*t so it’s not coming out of that check,” Stunna Girl disclosed. 

Stunna Girl rose to fame after Zeus Network aired her audition of Baddies West in January 2023. Her outstanding performance on the show and beautiful voice caught her attention and a great response from the judges

According to the Brawdy rapper, she kept her silence despite her issues with Zeus Network. And only started coming out after Lemuel Plummer dragged during his sitdown with Dj Akademiks.

“Y’all must have forgotten why I even dropped the tea because he went on DJ Akademik’s show & talked about me first !!” Stunna Girl continued. “Was Being a chatty patty &discrediting me. I literally just be replying to the b.s I don’t be worried about these mfs.”

Once she started, Stunna Girl accused Plummer of sleeping with the cast on the show. She revealed he couldn’t mess with her because of her husband.

“All y’all fighting over that clap stick to keep it a band nat ran him & his sidekick too ctfuHe havin his way with y’all that’s the real tea. Blood really scared of my husband so he knew not to play with me& he only started playin with Chrisean when he thought she ain’t have a Nigga or no muscle behind her,” she disclosed. 

Lemuel Plummer has also responded to her allegations, calling them “wild stories and lies”.

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