Lauren Copeland Mitchell: HBCU Grad Touted As Youngest Black Female Owner Of A McDonald’s Franchise

by Gee NY

Lauren Copeland Mitchell’s journey from corporate executive to McDonald’s franchise owner is not just a tale of success, but a testament to determination, hard work, and breaking barriers.

At the age of 35, Lauren has possibly become the youngest Black female owner of a McDonald’s franchise in the entire country.

Her restaurant, situated in Cincinnati, Ohio, has quickly emerged as one of the top-performing locations in the region, a testament to her leadership and management skills.

A graduate of Howard University, an esteemed Historically Black College and University (HBCU) in Washington, DC, Lauren’s academic prowess was evident from the start. In 2009, she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering, finishing with an impressive 3.83 GPA.

Following graduation, Lauren embarked on a corporate career that spanned over a decade, where she honed her skills in leading and supervising diverse teams to achieve organizational goals.

Her professional journey included internships at industry giants like Procter & Gamble and J.P. Morgan, providing her with invaluable experience and insights into the corporate world.

Subsequently, she spent 13 years at ExxonMobil, where she held both junior and senior-level positions, further solidifying her expertise in management and strategic planning.

However, despite her success in the corporate sphere, Lauren harbored entrepreneurial aspirations that eventually led her to make a bold career shift.

In November 2022, she seized the opportunity to become a McDonald’s franchise owner, embarking on a new chapter in her professional life. Armed with her wealth of experience and determination, Lauren entered the world of entrepreneurship with a clear vision and unwavering commitment to success.

Her remarkable achievement adds her to the ranks of a select group of African Americans who own McDonald’s franchises across the nation.

While over 250 African Americans have ventured into franchise ownership, Lauren stands out as one of the few Black women in this exclusive circle, with estimates suggesting that only around 50 or fewer are women.

As she navigates her new role as a franchise owner, Lauren remains an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs, particularly women and minorities, proving that with dedication, resilience, and hard work, any dream is attainable.

With her McDonald’s franchise poised for success and her legacy as a trailblazer already cemented, Lauren Copeland Mitchell serves as a beacon of hope and empowerment for generations to come.

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