Sunny Hostin Opens Up for the First Time About Reducing Breasts from G-Cup to C-Cup

by Xara Aziz

Popular daytime television host Sunny Hostin says she is finally relieved and feels “great” after getting a breast reduction and dropping her G-cup to a C-cup. In a recent People interview, The View personality said that she underwent cosmetic surgery last year August and decided to get liposuction on her waist and chin as well because…why not?

“I feel like a better version of myself,” Hostin told the publication. “It was a health decision and a self-care decision.”

Hostin revealed that she had been a Double-D since she was 16 and her breasts grew uncomfortably larger when she became pregnant with her children, Gabriel and Paloma.

“I couldn’t imagine my breasts would get bigger with childbirth,” she dished. “However, they did. My waist was small, but my top was so big I would wear a minimizer bra and a sports bra or a binder all the time, or I would get a very large dress, and then my stylist would put clips on the back of my dress so that everything would fit.”

She said she debated about whether to get the procedure and decided she would go for it after an almost embarrassing wardrobe snafu while she was getting ready for the 2022 White House Correspondents’ Dinner. According to her, the built-in bra to her dress didn’t fit so she had to use masking tape instead.  

“I was crying,” she said. “I sat there and didn’t eat anything. I couldn’t lift my hand because my boobs were going to fall out. Bell Biv DeVoe wanted to take a picture with me. I was like, ‘Oh God, they’re going to have these pictures of my boobs hanging out.’”

After undergoing the procedure, the former CNN and HLN analyst said she had to hire a private nurse to help her recover in the aftermath of the surgery.

“It’s not glamorous,” she explained, adding that the healing process included three days of draining blood and fluid to prevent buildup. “I was up and walking around in three days. I was back to work in two weeks, and I was doing Pilates in two months.”

She concluded: “I thought I would feel shame, like, ‘Oh my God, I’m doing plastic surgery like all these crazy celebrities.’ But I don’t feel shame at all. I hope sharing my story will help more people. If they’re feeling so body-conscious, the way I was — they can do what they need to do to feel better.”

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