SZA Claims Photographer Posted Bikini Picture Without Her Permission; He Responds

by Shine My Crown Staff
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R&B Singer SZA took to Twitter to claim that a photographer posted a picture of her online without her permission.

“Releasing pictures of me w out my consent is scary,” she wrote in since-deleted pics. “Y’all be careful working w folk u don’t know well.”

In the pictures, SZA is on all fours, wearing a blue thong bikini and blue heels. Her tweets went viral. Many SZA fans ripping the photographer for posting the image.

“He literally text me m said ‘sorry if u never wanna work w me again but I decided I’m releasing these,'” SZA tweeted in reply to a fan who asked if they were the pictures she was speaking of. “Never felt more powerless or disrespected in my life.”

Before adding, “If I don’t want pics out cause I don’t wanna fight w My ex, or my album not done and I wanna wait or I decided i DONT wanna be hyper-sexualized in that way rn. Das my choice as a woman. As a human. lemme pray. Cause karma realer than anything Twitter got.”

However, the photographer, Edwig Henson, says that he owns the rights to the controversial pics.

“Definitely not doing anything for clout, there’s so much more to this than you guys know, I’m not a bad person,” he tweeted in response. “I’m not arguing with anyone on social media. Never have, never will. And please stop sending death threats [prayer hands emoji].”

He also claimed that they had agreed to share the rights to the image but he was not paid for the shots.

TDE boss Punch spotted the message and replied, “And you still got the post up on ig?? You doing this wrong champ. I promise you you’re doing this the wrong way.”

Sza also commented, writing: “I begged u not to post these.”

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