Tamron Hall’s Team Disputes Reports of Mass Show Firing

by Shine My Crown Staff

Daytime talk show host Tamron Hall is catching some heat after former staffers claimed they were fired from her show ahead of its upcoming season.

It is reported that The Tamron Hall Show fired at least 18 employees.

A source told the publication Page Six that Hall’s crew members were booted to make room for Oprah Winfrey staffers.

“They’ve hired several Oprah alum to build her second season,” an insider said.

Another source added, “Their initial executive producer didn’t have the Rolodex to assemble a ‘dream team,’ and that’s what Candi is doing. She quietly brought on Kristin Graham, a former producer on ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show.’ Three other producers also joined, and two more will be hired.”

Hall’s rep released a statement, calling the narrative, “inaccurate.”

“This story is entirely inaccurate. There were no layoffs or firings; rather, the show is making behind-the-scenes changes and chose not to renew some staff. We appreciate everyone’s contributions to our first season,” the statement read. “Change is not uncommon for a show between seasons. It remained a top priority to ensure our entire creative team remained employed during the season in the midst of the pandemic,” Hall’s spokesperson said in a statement to Daily Mail.

“We have been humbled and overwhelmed by the viewer response to recent shows, including coverage of COVID-19 and our episodes focused on the national conversation on race. We are assembling an even bigger team for season two and beyond, on the heels of three Emmy nominations.”

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