Teen From Louisiana Achieves Valedictorian Status, Secures Nearly $1 Million In Scholarships From 13 Universities

by Gee NY

Cur’Dericka Rice, a 17-year-old African American resident of Monroe, Louisiana, has graduated as valedictorian with a stellar 4.0 GPA and an exceptional score of 33 on her ACT.

Her academic prowess has earned her close to $1 million in scholarships from 13 different colleges.

Rice attributes her remarkable achievement to the unwavering support and guidance she received from her teachers and parents.

“Entering college, my primary goals are to maintain focus and continue to make my family and mentors proud. Academically, I embrace challenges because I am prepared to give my best effort,” Rice told KNOE.

Beginning her college journey in the fall of 2024, Rice will enroll at Louisiana Tech University, where she aims to pursue a degree in chemical engineering. Her aspirations are fueled by a passion to combat environmental pollution and mitigate its adverse effects.

Furthermore, Rice encourages others to pursue their aspirations relentlessly.

“Even when you feel uncertain, it’s essential to strive for excellence and surpass your goals. Doubting yourself limits your potential, hindering your ability to realize your capabilities because you didn’t even attempt,” Rice said.

As she gears up for college, Rice eagerly anticipates overcoming the obstacles ahead while maintaining her academic excellence.

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