Texan Singer Alesia Lani Is “Resilient” On New Album

by Yah Yah

Texas singer/songwriter Alesia Lani unleashes her new 15-track album, Resilient, the follow up to her debut album, First Impression. Cited as her most vulnerable project yet, Lani tells ShineMyCrown how the project came to be.

“The process of creating “Resilient” was very accidental. I was just writing, creating and recording songs that felt really good to me. After being about six songs in, I noticed every one of them had something in common. My approach to this project was to be completely honest in all my music, showing all emotions from regret to anger, forgiveness, happiness, etc. I sang about personal situations and feelings. “Resilient” was basically my diary.” Alesia Lani adds:

“It took about a year to create this album start-to-finish. “Celebration” and “Blackout” are the oldest songs on the album. I completely love this project, but I won’t lie, I was so scared to even release it for ears other than mine to listen to.”

Stream Resilient in full, below.

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