Teyana Taylor Drops Unapologetically Black Video for ‘We Got Love’ ft. Ms Lauryn Hill

by Yah Yah
Teyena Taylor
Voiced by Amazon Polly

Teyana Taylor dropped off the visual to her song, “We Got Love,” which features vocals from rap legend, Ms Lauryn Hill — and it’s probably the Blackest visual you’ve laid your eyes upon all yeah.

Taylor released the audio for the single back in December and is seen rocking bold, Pan African prints and fits, along with her gorgeous family — husband NBA player Iman Shumpert and their daughter, Junie.

“Above all, you keep your clarity, you keep your focus. You keep your sense of love, and you keep your sense of purpose,” Ms. Lauryn Hill says towards the end of the track. “Those are integral. You know, they’re key. Happiness, you know? A lot of people define success differently. For me, you can have everything, you could have all the money in the world, but if it’s not enjoyable, if it’s not sustainable, if you can’t be a person of integrity while having all these things, what does it matter? What does it mean? The value is internal. Your value is internal.”

The song was initially supposed to appear on Taylor’s second album K.T.S.E. The track was held back due to clearance issues, but evidently, those have been resolved.

“Saturday, Sunday, you’ll hear the complete version of the album,” Taylor said in 2018 ahead of the album’s release. “At the end of ‘Issues,’ I had the Sade piece in there. The end of ‘Rose in Harlem,’ I had [Lauryn Hill’s] ‘Lost Ones’ in there, and I was really talking that shit…Once y’all hear the album next week, you’ll see what I’m talking about, because it’s way more complete.”

She later shared her frustration over the legal issues via Twitter.

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