Draya Michele Flaunts Flat Stomach In Stunning Bikini Photos Amid Rumors About Pregnancy For ‘Underage Lover’ Jalen Green

by Gee NY

Reality TV star and businesswoman Draya Michele has taken to Instagram to seemingly dispel speculations surrounding her rumored pregnancy by 21-year-old NBA player Jalen Green.

The 39-year-old, who recently faced criticism over dating someone significantly younger, posted bikini pictures showcasing her flat stomach.

The rumors gained traction after a video surfaced of Draya leaving one of Jalen’s NBA games wearing baggy overalls and walking in a manner that sparked pregnancy speculation.

Social media users quickly took to various platforms to express their disapproval and concerns, with some bringing to light the age similarity of Draya’s eldest son, Kniko Howard, and Jalen Green.

The claim that Howard and Green would be about the same age added an uncomfortable dimension to the alleged relationship.

However, it would seem in response to the online chatter, Draya Michele refrained from direct commentary but used her Instagram Stories to share images of herself confidently donning a hot pink bikini.

The photos also highlighted her toned physique and notably flat stomach.

In a series of photographs, Draya Michele, 38, dons a casually fitted green two piece set while walking alongside the Houston Rockets player. Jalen Green, who turned 21 earlier this year, seems to try and contain his smile in one photo, while rocking a plain white t-shirt and camo-shorts.

None of the images captured happen to show the two being intimate whatsoever. The entertainers don’t even seem to appear to walk close enough to touch each other, making dating rumors based solely on them being out publicly together.

Despite rumors circulating since August of the previous year, neither Draya Michele nor Jalen Green has publicly addressed the pregnancy speculations or confirmed the status of their relationship.

For many, the Instagram posts, however, serve as Draya’s indirect response to the swirling rumors and criticisms.

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