Tiffany Pollard Under Fire After Admitting the ‘Child’ She Lost Was Actually Her Dog

by Xara Aziz
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Welcome to College Hill: Celebrity Edition is set to air and the show is coming piping hot with new tea for fans from some of reality TV’s most beloved stars.

In the second season’s debut episode, Tiffany Pollard of Flavor of Love relives the devastating news when she found out her child had passed away. That’s when Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta star Joseline Hernandez steps in to console Pollard, who may have been a bit misleading with her words.

My Wife and Kids actress Parker McKenna Posey then steps in to say that it wasn’t a human child Pollard lost, but her dog, who she considered her daughter. Hernandez seemingly took offense to the miscommunication from Pollard, then bursts into outrage for what she said made her look foolish for attempting to console her.

The Live Your Best Life rapper ultimately antagonizes Pollard, causing the I Love New York actress to admit that it was her dog she was referring to. She contends that her dog was like a child to her and requests that Hernandez revere her feelings.

The former stripper doesn’t appear to be swayed, though, and begins to admonish Pollard for thinking dogs are children. She then states that she is offended that Pollard misled her to believe that she was mourning the loss of a child.

“Now I feel like you trying me because I’m trying to understand your situation,” Hernandez told Pollard.

“But you’re trying to come for me about how I felt because I’m grieving,” Pollard responded.

A heated screaming match soon turns into Pollard asking Hernandez to leave her presence. Hernandez obliges, then locks Posey out as she attempts to blow off steam. But Hernandez isn’t able to keep her composure for long after she blows up at castmates during a house meeting.

Want to see what happens next? Check out College Hill: Celebrity Edition every Thursday on BET+.

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