Mystery Surrounds Death Of 26-Year-Old Woman At North Carolina Hospital

by Gee NY

A medical facility in North Carolina is being blamed for the sudden death of a young Black woman.

Keisha Marie White of Weldon, North Carolina, known for her brightness and energetic personality, faced a challenging battle with lupus-related health issues, including a partial foot amputation in 2013 due to blood clots.

Admitted to Vidant Medical Center in 2014 for serious lupus complications, her mysterious death under the hospital’s care raised questions about the medical personnel’s adherence to the Hippocratic Oath.

Keisha, restrained in a hospital bed, faced worsening conditions without timely intervention, leading to anoxic brain injury and cardiac arrest, according to her family.

According to a report by Black Girl Tragic, the circumstances surrounding her death have prompted allegations of patient abuse and neglect.

Despite a settlement in a civil suit, Keisha’s mother, Cynthia Bunch Avens, remains dissatisfied, questioning the integrity of the medical records and hinting at possible deliberate actions.

In a petition, Keisha’s aunt says that the hospital is responsible for her death and justice has yet to be served.

The story of Keisha’s tragic death sheds light on broader issues of inadequate medical care for Black women, reflecting systemic barriers that transcend class and socioeconomic status.

Studies reveal that Black women often encounter dismissive attitudes from healthcare providers and face biased diagnoses, endangering their health.

The experiences of individuals like Serena Williams, who faced potentially life-threatening situations due to medical negligence, underscore the urgent need to address systemic biases in healthcare.

Keisha’s case adds to a troubling pattern, emphasizing the importance of ongoing efforts to implement implicit bias training and ensure equitable medical care for all patients, irrespective of their racial background.

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